Introducing the QUEUE MANAGEMENT.

Every traveler has experienced chaotic scenes at the reservation booking counters of Railway & Bus stations.

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Token Indicator System is widely used by Banks, Food Courts, Restaurants, Utility services, etc. for improving customer flow within business premises. Operator uses this system to draw attention of customer by displaying pre-issued token / coupon number on large LED display. Flashing of token number is usually accompanied with melodious or ding-dong sound and optionally voice announcement.

System features entering of 3-digit token or coupon number on numeric keyboard on token controller unit. CALL-key sends displayed number to large Token Display unit hung on a wall in waiting area. New token number flashes on display & melody / dingdong plays out drawing attention of target audience. Pressing CALL again would repeat the entire operation. INCR would increment displayed number by one. DECR function ( a 2-key function) decrements token number by one. A sleek cable supplied with system connects the two units. Power is required to be supplied to controller unit only.

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  • 1. Desktop unit
  • 12-key Keyboard ( 0-9, CALL, INCR )
  • 3 or 4 digit FND display
  • CALL sends displayed TOKEN NO to Token Display unit
  • INCR key increments the TOKEN NO
  • REPEAT or BELL function
  • DECR function decrements token number by one
  • 4-wire cable to Token Display unit for Data & Power
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Sleek wall mounted unit
  • 3-digit or 4-digit Large 2.3" or 4" Red FND display
  • 3m 4-wire cable to Token Display unit for Data & Power
  • Voice or Melody or Ding Dong on Speaker on receipt of new TOKEN
  • Voice announcements in English / Hindi / Nepali are available as an option
  • Upto 2 Token Display units can be put in parallel
  • Special applications involving multiple token controllers / multiple displays are available.